Why You Need Ceramides in Your Skincare Routine

Ceramides are skin-identical ingredients. They are an essential part of our skin, and we all need them in our routines regardless of our skin type.

What are ceramides?

Ceramides comprise a vital component of the skin. Ceramides are natural lipids and they make up over 50% of the skin’s uppermost layer (also known as stratum corneum). Their primary function is to maintain the skin’s barrier. When our skin barrier is healthy, we are protected against moisture loss. Equally important, we are protected against damage that occurs on a daily basis from environmental stressors like UV rays, pollution, and smoke.

As we get older, our ceramide levels will deplete. It can result in dry, flaky, and sensitive skin. Seasonal changes (like central heating, cold air, etc.) can also impact our ceramide levels or if we use a cleanser with an excessively high pH. If your moisture barrier is left untreated, it can lead to inflammation and irritation. Because ceramides are an essential component of the skin, in topical products they are suitable for all skin types.

Benefits of ceramides

There are numerous benefits to using products with ceramides.

Ceramides improve hydration by preventing moisture loss, but also by stimulating the skin to produce lipids. If you suffer from sensitive skin, ceramides help repair your moisture barrier and soothe irritation. Likewise, consider ceramides if you suffer from atopic dermatitis or psoriasis.
The beauty of ceramides is how they target signs of aging. Because they keep the moisture barrier healthy and more resilient against the environmental stressors, the skin is plump, smooth and hydrated. In turn, this minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and keeps the skin firm.

On the ingredients list look for ceramides. They are either followed by a number (between 1 and 9) or by letters (Ceramide AP, Ceramide NS, Ceramide NP, Ceramide EOP, Ceramide NG). To further help barrier repair, look for products that contain other skin-identical ingredients. These would include cholesterol, fatty acids, and the old favourite glycerine.

Ishtar products that contain ceramides

Multi-Ceramide Concentrate

Multi-Ceramide Concentrate is a light fluid. You can use it on its own or as a serum step in your skincare routine. It is free from silicones and oils. It is also suitable for vegans.

Ceramides, sterols, and fatty acids are an essential component of healthy skin. When used in topical products they hydrate, replenish, and help shed old skin cells. They also protect the skin against environmental stressors. Because our formula uses a unique multi-lamellar structure, it is readily accepted into the skin.

What’s in it?

A complex of isolated plant-derived ceramides includes Ceramide 3, 3-II, 6 and 6-II. Each type of ceramide has different skin benefits. When used together they improve the structure of collagen and elastin, protect the skin, minimise the signs of aging, and smooth out mimic wrinkles.

Plant-derived, but skin-identical Phytosterol complex includes cholesterol, stigmasterol, beta-sitosterol, and campesterol. Sterols make 15% of the uppermost layer of the skin. When used in topical products, they moisturise, absorb UV, soothe irritated skin and reduce roughness as well as improve hyperpigmentation.

Glycosphingolipids stimulate fibroblasts, soften, soothe and moisturise the skin.

Organic White Tea extract contains highly concentrated levels of the plant’s antioxidant compound.

Who is it for?

Multi-Ceramide Concentrate is designed to be suitable for all skin types, especially anyone struggling with a compromised skin barrier.

Do you use ceramides in your skincare routine? Are you happy with the results?

Roberta Striga