What are Micro-Needling Eye Patches?

Every year the beauty world goes crazy for a hot new treatment and ingredient. This year some of the most buzzed-about treatments include cool sculpting, CBD in skincare products, and micro-needling eye patches.

Micro-needling is also known as dermarolling. It is an effective treatment to boost collagen production and one that allows active skincare ingredients to penetrate deeper into the dermis. It can help you achieve a more radiant complexion. Dermarolling is massively popular. A quick google search gives thousands of results on dermarollers you can purchase online to do the treatment at home. It goes without saying; buy derma-rollers from reputable sellers only. But dermarolling can be a bit painful. Micro-needling eye patches, however, promise maximum gain with minimal pain.

What are micro-needling eye patches?

Image via Nissha

Micro-needling eye patches are a hybrid of an eye patch and a dermaroller. They look like a regular eye patch but have hundreds of tiny micro-needles/pyramids (crystallized active ingredients) that dissolve over time. Micro-needling patches were developed and first used for medical purpose for transdermal delivery of vaccines and medication for diabetic patients.

How do micro-needling eye patches work?

Micro-needling eye patches are covered in tiny micro-needles made from water-soluble ingredients. They gently pierce the stratum corneum and reach the epidermis, where they gradually dissolve and release the active ingredients. Most brands suggest wearing them for at least two hours. For best results, however, you should leave them on overnight.

A study has shown that Hyaluronic acid delivered via a micro-needling patch has a greater impact on the skin versus applying a topical product with Hyaluronic acid (like a serum or an essence).

Stratum corneum is mere millimetres thick (between 10 and 15 millimetres) and acts as an effective barrier. Not only it prevents moisture loss, but it equally protects our insides from bacteria and toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis. That is great news for our bodies, but bad news for all of us obsessed with skincare. We want the active ingredients to penetrate stratum corneum and get to work in the deeper layers of the skin. Micro-needling patches offer a solution to that problem.

Obviously, different brands focus on different active ingredients. But the star ingredient is Hyaluronic acid. Understandably so, since it can hold 1000 times its weight in water and hydrates the skin fantastically.

How to use micro-needling patches?

Micro-needling patches need to be applied to a cleansed and DRY face. You should not touch the middle of the patch as not to break the micro-needles. Apply the patch (under the eye, along the laughter lines, or around your mouth) and make sure not to rub it. Leave on for a minimum of two hours or preferably overnight.

We do understand the lure of a new product, especially a new product that promises to be more effective than anything in your skincare stash. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your due diligence. If you have sensitive skin, check the ingredients (as you would with any new skincare product or treatment).

Have you tried micro-needling eye patches? Are you happy with the results?

Roberta Striga