Vintage Beauty Tips That Still Work – Part 2

This is part 2 of our series on vintage beauty tips that still work. If you missed part 1 see here.

vintage hair salon

5) Embrace heat free curls

There are many modern gadgets for curling the hair, but the heat from curling tongs and blow dryers can cause damage to hair over time. However, vintage methods to achieve curls are not only simple, they are effective without heat or expensive products. Try rag curls or pin curls. Both can be done comfortably whilst you sleep. These two guides at wikihow give detailed instructions:

Create Pin Curls
Curl Your Hair Without Heat

woman in bath

6) Make sure you get your oats.

Oats have lots of beauty benefits. Modern technology has enabled special oat extracts to be developed that can penetrate the skin with amazing effect. The wonder ingredient beta-glucan, is a notable result of such innovation. However, this is still some simple pleasure to be had from more old fashioned methods. Toss a handful of oats tied up in a square of muslin into the bath to soften and calm the skin. Once the oats have infused in the water, rub the muslin ball across rough patches of skin to exfoliate.


7) Cleansing is King

My grandmother always insisted that her beautiful complexion was down to her meticulous cleansing regimen. The product of choice in the early twentieth century was either cold cream or Pears soap. Fortunately there are more sophisticated choices available now than heavy cream or harsh soap, but the principal remains sound. Cold cream was used to remove makeup, an absolutely essential task for maintaining a clear complexion. Soap strips the skin of oil, a task it is a little too efficient at (plus it disrupts the skins natural acid mantle). Nonetheless, mild foaming cleanser are essential for removing excess oil and grime.

Try Ishtar Unmask Oil to remove make-up, followed by gentle SLS free Clarity-C foaming facial wash.