Ultralase Cleanse won Gold Beauty Bible Award!

Image via the Beauty Bible


We are thrilled, humbled, and honoured to announce our Ultralase Cleanse won an award! And not just any award. Ultralase Cleanse won a Gold prize in the prestigious Beauty Bible 2020 Awards!

What are the Beauty Bible Awards?

Founded by journalists and beauty experts Jo Fairley and Sarah Stacey, the Beauty Bible Awards are based on results. The nominated products are trialled by women with real skin concerns for months to judge their efficacy. Since the Beauty Bible awards inception, over 30.000 women have taken part in the trials, which makes it the biggest independent beauty survey in the world. In the industry, the Beauty Bible Awards are known as “the only beauty awards that count as they are tested on real women”. The detailed feedback from the testers is priceless for us as a brand.

A word from Amy, our founder:

“We are absolutely thrilled to hear that Beauty Bible testers have rated Ishtar worthy of a Gold award. The thrill isn’t just in receiving the award itself, it’s the knowledge that real women have – in some small way – gained something positive from our products.

The beauty industry is awash with photoshopped images of superficial perfection. But behind the smoke and mirrors, there is another reality: real people, going about their everyday lives whilst facing all the challenges that inevitably come along with that. Can altering your cleansing routine solve the world’s problems? No. Will it remove 30 years of lived experience – be that tears or laughter? No. And nor should it. But our skincare rituals are nonetheless a valid commitment to self-care. These small moments, briefly seized from the demands of our days, are important and should be celebrated.”

Some of the testers’ comments:

‘10/10. I love this product for my combination skin – oily forehead and nose and the rest rather dry. My favourite type of pump dispenser and a very gentle, pleasant smell. You just massage the gel-type wash on to damp skin and it takes off make-up quickly and easily. It’s a great product, my skin felt as if it had been to a beauty salon – clean and tight, very smooth. Definitely better than my previous product. I didn’t need a toner but did need moisturiser (not surprisingly)’

‘I love this cleanser, the scent and the texture. I especially like how thoroughly it cleanses my mostly normal skin though slightly oily T-zone and how easy it is to remove. My skin feels fresh and moisturised after use and I don’t feel the need to use a lot of moisturiser, which means my skin doesn’t feel so clogged with product. A lovely refreshing product that is a pleasure to use and one I will continue with. This cleanser does not feel that it is full of harsh chemicals, as some cleansers can’

‘Someone said my skin is looking fresher and brighter. I plan to continue using this and will be recommending it to others. Although the texture is quite sticky, it leaves my skin feeling very moisturised and smooth, and not sticky’

‘I found it very effective; it removed all traces of make-up and my skin felt very refreshed afterwards. I use waterproof mascara and it was very effective at removing this with no issues’ • ‘It claimed to clear blemishes, brighten and renew’; I feel it did live up to this, as it was so effective at cleansing. My skin felt renewed after use and it did make my skin look brighter.’

About our Ultralase Cleanse

Ultralase Cleanse Mandelic Gluconic Acid Face Wash contains a multi-acid blend of 6% Mandelic and 6% Gluconic acid with a pH of 3.5. Formulated with Ishtar’s proprietary blend of soap-free cleansing agents, it turns into soft, dense foam when mixed with water. It is the ultimate cleanser for achieving naturally clear skin and can produce visible results in days.

Mandelic acid is an Alpha-Hydroxy acid derived from bitter almonds, with unique antibacterial and antibiotics properties. Because it has a larger molecular structure than other Alpha-Hydroxy acids (namely Glycolic acid), it is better tolerated by the majority of skin types. Moreover, it carries a lower risk of causing pigmentation issues for darker skin tones. Mandelic acid maintains the skin’s acid mantle, which inhibits the growth of P. acnes bacteria.

Gluconic acid is a Poly-Hydroxy acid derived from honey. Poly-hydroxy acids are a new generation of Alpha-Hydroxy acids that possess similar properties but are less sensitising on the skin. Gluconic acid acts as a humectant and has antioxidant properties.

Ultralase Cleanse Mandelic Gluconic Acid Face Wash gently exfoliates dead skin cells that can block the pores and cause congestion. It treats and prevents breakouts, which makes it an ideal choice for adult skin prone to blemishes and spots. Over time, it brightens the skin and helps fade hyperpigmentation.

Ultralase Cleanse Mandelic Gluconic Acid Face Wash is best suited for normal, combination, and oily skin prone to adult acne and breakouts. Because it is a chemical exfoliant, it can also be used to rejuvenate the skin.

Roberta Striga