The Skincare Benefits of Vitamin E

When someone mentions antioxidants, chances are the first thing that pops to mind is vitamin C. Vitamin E might not be as popular, but it is another potent ingredient with plenty of skin benefits. Best of all, it is commonly found in a whole range of skincare products.

What to look for in the ingredients list?

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant with eight different compounds. Ordinarily, in skincare products it is listed as tocopherol or tocopheryl acetate. Vitamin E can be derived from both natural and synthetic sources. Vitamin E occurs in the skin naturally. But with age and repeated sun exposure, the levels of vitamin E in the skin deplete. Fortunately, the topical application of vitamin E can help the skin recover.

Vitamin E properties

The aging process is accelerated by free radicals. Free radicals are molecules released by environmental stressors we are exposed to daily (like pollution, UV rays, etc.) Free radicals have unmatched electrons and get attached to healthy molecules. Oxidative stress happens when our body cannot counteract those molecules and the unhealthy effect they have.

Antioxidants work by protecting our skin against free radicals and environmental pollution. Vitamin E decreases oxidative stress and it does so by neutralizing free radicals. The added benefit of vitamin E is, it protects against UV exposure. Do bear in mind it is not a sunscreen, you still need a dedicated SPF.

For a potent antioxidant combo, look for skincare products that contain both vitamins E and C. Vitamin E stabilises vitamin C and when combined, they have a plethora of skin benefits. Not only they protect the skin against sun damage, but they also brighten up the skin tone and boost collagen synthesis.

Vitamin E is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Because of its antioxidant properties, it can be challenging to distinguish between the two; however, some research suggests vitamin E can help with skin swelling caused by sun exposure as well as erythema (sunburn).

Vitamin E is fat-soluble and can penetrate deeper into the skin. Because of this, it is a fabulous moisturising ingredient. It protects against transepidermal water loss and restores your skin barrier. Some research also suggests vitamin E can help heal wounds faster.

All things considered, vitamin E is a powerful ingredient that can easily be slotted into an existing skincare routine. In fact, if you check the ingredients list for the products you currently use, chances are vitamin E features in one way or another.

Vitamin E and acneic skin

For people with oily and acne-prone skin, vitamin E products can sometimes cause breakouts and/or clog pores. In most cases, the reason for it is the formulation of the product. Look for lighter serums rather than heavier moisturisers or oils. If you never used a vitamin E product before, make sure to patch test first. While the percentage of people who are sensitive or allergic to vitamin E is extremely low, do your due diligence.

Ishtar products that contain vitamin E


Thistle & Oat Cleansing oil is a gentle and soap-free cleansing oil for dry and sensitive skin types.
Unmask Cleansing oil with Macadamia oil, Cucumber extract, and vitamin E. Formulated to remove stubborn makeup and sunscreen. It is suitable for normal, combination, and dry skin types.


Azeloyl 10 with 10% Azeloyl Glycine (a derivative of Azelaic acid). It is formulated to gently exfoliate, promote dermal equilibrium, and hydrate the skin. Azeloyl 10 is suitable for normal, combination, and oily skin.
Time CODE with Copper PCA, Ectoin, plant phytosterols, and hydrolysed Glycosaminoglycans. It defends against environmental pollution, prevents photoaging, minimises fine lines and wrinkles, and hydrates the skin. Time CODE is suitable for all skin types that want to target signs of aging.

Facials oils

EFA Hydrocharge with organic White Tea extract, Microalgae extract, and Tripeptide-29 to restore and soothe the skin barrier as well as encourage collagen synthesis. EFA Hydrocharge is suitable for dry, dehydrated, and normal skin types.
EFA Sebupore with LHA is an exfoliating facial oil with Lipohydroxy acid (an ester of Salicylic acid). It is suitable for oily and easily congested skin.

Targeted treatments

Vitamin K Dark Circle Repair eye cream with 5% microencapsulated vitamin K and 2% Haloxyl (a peptide complex). It targets dark under eye shadows.
Lip Plenish Line Renewal serum with Hexapeptide-11, Tripeptide-29, and microencapsulated anhydrous Hyaluronic acid. Lip Plenish boosts collagen levels and Hyaluronic acid levels and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Ultralase 8% PHA Body lotion with 8% Gluconic acid. It sinks in instantly and gently exfoliates to reveal smoother, softer skin.

Roberta Striga