The Double Cleanse

Double cleanse is trend du jour in the skincare industry. Right about now you are giving us the side eye. What is this nonsense you might say, surely I don’t need an extra step in my routine? Do you use micellar water to take off your make-up and then follow it up with a cleanser of your choice? Congratulations, you are already doing a double cleanse (of sorts).

Cleansing your face is the most important step in your skincare routine. Let’s put it this way – what use is a great serum or a moisturizer if you are going to slap it on a face that hasn’t been cleansed properly? Also ew. EW.

The purpose of a double cleanse is to remove makeup, sunscreen and daily dirt and grime on the first go. On the second go you treat and prep your skin for your serums and moisturizers.

Should you double cleanse? It depends. Do you wear a face full of make up every day? Do you apply sunscreen before you leave your house in the morning? Then the answer is yes, you should do a double cleanse in the evening. There is no need for a double cleanse in the morning (there is one exception to the rule. If you fall asleep with your make up on. No judgement here, it happens to the best of us).

How does a double cleanse work? First you go in with something oily with a bit of slip to dissolve your make up and sunscreen. Massage in the cleanser, soak a face cloth under warm running water and wipe your face clean (go gently over the delicate eye area).

Follow this up with your second cleanse and voila you are done! Your face is prepped for the rest of your routine.

When choosing your double cleanse combo you will need to consider your skin type. Dry and dehydrated skins will love a balm or an oil for their first cleanse. Congested, combination and/or oily skins might prefer oil cleansers. Our Unmask Cleansing Oil contains Organic Soya Oil, Rice Bran and Jojoba Oil for a deep cleanse. The formula also includes vitamins C and E to soften and brighten the skin.

For your second cleanse take into consideration what your skin needs on that particular day. Dry and sensitive skins for example might prefer a cream or a gel cleanser to leave the skin feeling soft, supple and calm. Combination or oily skins might require a deeper second cleanse so a foaming wash or a clay cleanser are a good option. If your skin is feeling congested an AHA or BHA cleanser might do the trick. Our Ultralase Cleanse contains a whooping 13% AHAs (a combination of Glycolic and Mandelic Acid) in a gentle Aloe Vera base. It is a fabulous choice for acneic and congested skin. If your skin is looking a bit dull you might want to follow up with a vitamin C cleanser. Our Clarity-C Foaming Facial Wash contains 15% of vitamin C in an organic Aloe Vera base together with Rosehip and Borage Oil to nourish and soften the skin.

Do you double cleanse? Have you found your perfect double cleanse combo?