The Difference Between Derma Stamp and Derma Roller

How much are you willing to suffer for beauty? There is not much we wouldn’t do to improve our collagen production. But we can all agree that some skincare treatments sound ghastly. One such treatment? Derma stamp and derma roller. It involves piercing your skin with needles after all.

Derma stamping and derma rolling has been around for years and now a wide array of tools is available to be used at home. With regular treatments micro needling can thicken the epidermis, boost the collagen production, increase the efficacy of your skincare by driving it deeper into the skin and reduce the appearance of anything from fine line and wrinkles to acne scars.

The difference between a derma stamp and a derma roller

Derma stamp (also known as a derma pen) is a hand held device with a number of needles that will pierce the skin and boost collagen production. The device is manufactured in such a way you can easily adjust the length of the needles (most commonly the length will vary from 0.1 to 2.5 mm). Derma stamp is best used if you want to treat and target smaller area of your face or body such as nasolabial folds, around your lips or between your eye brows. The pain is considerably lower when using a derma stamp (as it does not pick up the skin like a derma roller). If you want to avoid pain at all cost like us, this is an important distinction.

Derma roller on the other hand is a roller with a greater number of needles that can also be adjusted in length. Derma roller is meant to be used in case you want to treat larger areas of your face (for example cheeks or forehead) or larger areas of your body.

Both treatments are meant to be effective and less stressful on the skin than lasers, as there is no heat trauma. Some of the common post-treatment side effects include minor bleeding, redness, swelling and later on skin dryness and flaking.

Things to consider

For the love of everything – do not go rogue when doing any micro needling treatments at home! Read the manufacturer’s instructions and stick to them. Know the appropriate needle length you should be using on your target area and, if in doubt, always go with a shorter needle length to avoid causing unnecessary trauma for your skin. Prep the area you will treat and do not forget to sanitize your derma roller or derma stamp after each use. Also check the needles so there are none that are broken.

As with any skincare procedure you will need to repeat the needling treatment a number of times to see results. Stick to your treatment plan and resist the temptation to up the frequency as this can cause inflammation or it can lead to infection.

Serums to compliment your treatment would include our Clarity-C Serum or EFA Intense Night Repair. Err on the side of caution – you want to pamper and soothe your skin while boosting the results of the treatment, rather than aggravate the skin.


Have you tried derma roller or derma stamp? How did you get on with the treatment and how long did it take you to see the results?


Roberta Striga