• Back to the basics – Beginner skincare routine for men

    For all the gents out here – do you have a baseline skincare routine? Regardless of our gender, healthy skin needs daily care. Often, men will only pay attention to their skin when they encounter problems like breakouts, ingrown hairs, or irritation. But a simple and straightforward routine can do wonders for the health of…

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  • What are Micro-Needling Eye Patches?

    Every year the beauty world goes crazy for a hot new treatment and ingredient. This year some of the most buzzed-about treatments include cool sculpting, CBD in skincare products, and micro-needling eye patches. Micro-needling is also known as dermarolling. It is an effective treatment to boost collagen production and one that allows active skincare ingredients…

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  • The Amazing Fact That Every Acne Sufferer Should Know About Zinc

    Zinc Deficiency and Acne A link between zinc and skin health has been known for some time, but did you know that researchers actually caused acne in young men by feeding them diets deficient in zinc? The symptoms of acne appeared in the group after only 12 days of being on the diet, suggesting that…

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