summer skincare

  • How to use retinol in the summer?

    The skincare community will hotly debate any number of topics. Do you need a moisturiser? Are eye creams effective? How many times per week should you exfoliate? But one ingredient we can all agree on is retinol. It is a powerful ingredient with numerous studies that prove its effectiveness. That said, retinol can sometimes be […]

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  • What is heat rash?

    With the heat comes sweat. And sweat can sometimes cause heat rash. With the heat waves being more and more common, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to holiday in a hot climate to develop heat rash. What is heat rash, and how does it look like? How can you prevent it or treat it? […]

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  • Summer skincare sorted

    Summer is here. While some of us think the best day ever is spent sunning on the beach, others will shudder in horror at the mere thought and stick to staying indoors. Just like winter can cause skincare problems, the same can happen in the summer too. Oil production increases, blemishes appear more often, and […]

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