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  • 5 skincare ingredients to stimulate collagen production

    Skin aging is a complicated process. How our skin behaves as we get older is down to intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Intrinsic factors are internal and include our genetics, metabolism, and hormone processes. Extrinsic factors are external and are primarily down to our lifestyle (daily exposure to pollution, how much sun we are getting, etc.).…

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  • How to care for sensitive eyes

    The skin underneath the eyes is particularly delicate and the first to show the signs of aging. Likewise, it shows whatever might be going on in our lives, from insomnia to medical conditions. But what to do if the skin is sensitive too? How can you alleviate the discomfort of sensitive eyes? What kind of…

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  • How to layer skincare – the dos and donts

    If you just started on your skincare journey, it is easy to get overwhelmed and over-enthusiastic. Yes, it is possible to be both at the same time. The sheer number of products on the market available is staggering. Some are one-ingredient products. Others combine more than one active ingredient and function as a multi-purpose product.…

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