• Why you should consider a facial oil

    Facial oils can be a polarizing topic in the skincare community. Many dermatologists will tell you to steer clear if you have oily skin or if you are breakout-prone. Others swear by them. Some love them, while others can’t stand the feel of them on the skin. The thing is, the needs of our skin…

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  • Ingredient Highlight – Squalane

    Want smooth, soft, well-hydrated skin? Give Squalane a try! Chances are a few of the products in your skincare stash contain Squalane. It is a popular ingredient, and for a good reason. It is super hydrating, but what is even more important, it is well tolerated by ALL skin types. What is Squalane? To begin…

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  • Ishtar’s Facial Oils at a Glance

    Facial oil is a product that can make a world of difference to our skin and turn it from dull and lacklustre to healthy and glowing. Yes, that applies even for people with oily, breakout-prone complexion. It is just a matter of finding the right oil for your skin type. With our range of facial…

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