polyhydroxy acid

  • The lowdown on acids

    Any skincare-nerd-in-training will tell you – one of the first things we all get fixated on is the need to exfoliate our skin. That is after we get over the fact you do it with acids (say what?) Chemical exfoliation is a fab thing for almost all skin types and issues. Acids can get you…

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  • Trending skincare ingredients of 2021

    2021 is off to a bumpy start. Look, we knew the winter would be long and challenging. But it’s one thing to understand it intellectually, another thing altogether to live through it. To take our minds off things, let’s get out our crystal ball. Why? To predict what will be the buzziest new (or old)…

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  • A guide to exfoliation

    Exfoliation might sound scary – are you serious, why would I want to put acids on my face? But, chemical exfoliation can make a big difference to the skin. When you find the best type of acid for your skin AND (more importantly) learn how to use it to effectively (meaning without destroying your moisture…

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