lipid barrier

  • How to know if you are overwashing your face

    Cleansers give us joy! Simple as. Oils, balms, gels, the difference in textures, the scent, the ritual of washing off daily dirt and grime – cleansing your face can be awesome. Cleansing is the first and crucial step in keeping our skin healthy, bouncy, and plump. But sometimes, in our enthusiasm, we can overdo it.…

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  • Ingredient Highlight – Phytosterols

    Phytosterols are a common ingredient in a human diet. They are compounds found in vegetables and plants and lauded for their ability to minimise the absorption of cholesterol. But that is not all. Plant sterols are an important factor in keeping our skin healthy. What are phytosterols? Phytosterols are plant sterols. They are plant molecules…

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