hyaluronic acid dehydration

  • Ingredient Highlight – Polyglutamic acid

    Hyaluronic acid is a popular ingredient for a reason. This powerful and well-tolerated humectant is suitable for all skin types. Likewise, it is a widely available ingredient that can be found in skincare products at any price point. But another humectant on the market is generating a lot of buzz – Polyglutamic acid. What is…

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  • Lockdown skincare problems and how to fix them

    Life as we know it has changed. We might be makeup- and bra-free, living the quarantine life, but skin problems happen. Sure, there are worse (far worse) things in the world. But let’s concentrate on what we can handle. Breakouts Even though you are cooped up inside, breakouts still happen. Stress, uncertainty, all of these…

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