• Strange Magic, Spells & Potions for Halloween Beauty

    With Halloween approaching it is a good time to delve into the magical methods used to invoke beauty in times long past. Morning dew, a herbal potion that you neither drink nor put on your skin but instead place on your dresser, and a chant to change eye colour…I wouldn’t gamble on any of these…

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  • Jaw Dropping Halloween Makeup – With Tutorials

    Here are some jaw dropping Halloween make-up ideas to prove that there can be more to Halloween make-up than simply channelling your inner Goth/Vamp ! If you are joining in the festivities this year, then after you’ve done creating your Halloween masterpiece please share them with us @IshtarUK  These looks require some pretty hardcore making-up,…

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  • 15 of the Best Halloween Themed Spider Nail Art Designs

    With Halloween fast approaching here are some fun and creative Halloween themed nail art designs. This collection is all about spiders, but for any arachnophobes reading this I have added a  non-spider related design at the end….just make sure you scroll down that page quick!  1. Big Eyed Spiders These furry little critters look surprisingly…

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