• What are skin-replenishing ingredients?

    For healthy, bouncy, plump skin, your skincare routine needs skin-replenishing ingredients. The good news is chances are you probably already have a few products in your lineup that fit the bill. What are skin-replenishing ingredients? How do they benefit the skin? What do skin-replenishing ingredients do? As their name suggests, they replenish the skin. They…

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  • What is slugging?

    Over the years, we have covered a few K-beauty trends. The recent one making the rounds is slugging. For a while, it was/is a favourite of Reddit forums, but now slugging is gaining traction after going viral on TikTok. Plenty of skincare trends from Pinterest and TikTok make us wince. These would include using apple…

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  • Ingredient Highlight – Humectants

    Healthy skin needs to be hydrated properly. Yes, regardless of the skin type. Humectants are ingredients that work well for all skin types. Oily skin gets the hydration it needs, without any of the oiliness. Dry and dehydrated benefits too, for obvious reasons. What are humectants and how they work? What are humectants? Humectants are…

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