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  • Ad hoc and extras – skincare products you don’t need (that are nice to have)

    Take a stroll around your local Boots, Superdrug, or even Sainsbury’s, and you’ll find skincare aisles crammed with products. If you have your baseline routine down pat, you definitely don’t need ad hoc and extras. Whatever some brands might lead you to believe, your face won’t fall off if you don’t have a 10-step routine.…

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  • What are Micro-Needling Eye Patches?

    Every year the beauty world goes crazy for a hot new treatment and ingredient. This year some of the most buzzed-about treatments include cool sculpting, CBD in skincare products, and micro-needling eye patches. Micro-needling is also known as dermarolling. It is an effective treatment to boost collagen production and one that allows active skincare ingredients…

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