double cleanse

  • The lowdown on cleansing oils

    You all know by now – we love a good cleanser. And we can’t imagine our skincare routine without a cleansing oil. What are cleansing oils, and how do they work? Should you include them in your skincare routine? Should you avoid a cleansing oil if your skin type is combination or oily? What is…

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  • Why you need to double cleanse

    Just when we think 2020 can’t get any weirder and stressful, something new happens, and it’s just… relentless. People keep mentioning “the new normal,” and one thing is for sure, all of us had to adapt to new rules and routines. For me, one thing I can’t do at the moment is read. Which sucks…

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  • The Double Cleanse

    Double cleanse is trend du jour in the skincare industry. Right about now you are giving us the side eye. What is this nonsense you might say, surely I don’t need an extra step in my routine? Do you use micellar water to take off your make-up and then follow it up with a cleanser…

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