• Back to the basics – The lowdown on pores

    The size of pores is one of the most predominant concerns people have about their skin. How large they are and how they look. What are pores, and what do they do for the skin? Can they open and close? Can pores be erased? In the day and age of various filters, it is easy…

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  • Why you should consider Mandelic acid

    If you are new to the skincare journey, by now, you have probably discovered the importance of chemical exfoliation. That said – it is easy to overdo it. One thing we preach is slow and steady, and it’s a marathon rather than a sprint. Mandelic acid is one of those fly-under-the-radar ingredients with several notable…

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  • Ingredient Highlight – Lipo-hydroxy acid

    What is Lipo-hydroxy acid? Lipo-hydroxy acid is an ester of Salicylic acid. Where it differentiates from Salicylic acid is it has a higher molecular weight. Because of this, it slower to penetrate the skin and better tolerated. It is a lipophilic acid meaning it dissolves in oil and lipids. Because of its molecular structure, Lipo-hydroxy…

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