combination skin

  • Ingredient Highlight – Lipo-hydroxy acid

    What is Lipo-hydroxy acid? Lipo-hydroxy acid is an ester of Salicylic acid. Where it differentiates from Salicylic acid is it has a higher molecular weight. Because of this, it slower to penetrate the skin and better tolerated. It is a lipophilic acid meaning it dissolves in oil and lipids. Because of its molecular structure, Lipo-hydroxy…

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  • How to determine your skin type

    If you look at the majority of products available on the high street, you’ll see they are labelled as being suitable for a specific skin type. Skin is rarely just one thing. It can be combination and sensitive. Or oily and dehydrated. But, to treat the skin effectively, we need to start at the beginning…

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  • Ishtar Moisturisers at a Glance

    Moisturisers aren’t necessarily the most exciting part of any skincare stash. In fact, people with oily and congestion-prone skin may believe a moisturiser is the work of a devil when it causes congestion and breaks them out. A great moisturiser feels like you have nothing on the skin. At the same time, the skin is…

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