• Blackcurrant Sorbet – The fruit that improves memory & skin

    One the best things about the arrival of warmer weather is indulging in iced desserts. One of my favourites is blackcurrant sorbet. Yes, it does contain some sugar but not much more than a glass of cordial. And how luxurious it seems in comparison, as each icy mouthful melts into an array of vivid flavours.…

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  • Homemade Blackcurrant Cordial – Vitamin Enriched Hydration

    Try a refreshing homemade blackcurrant cordial, for vitamin and mineral enriched hydration. A glass before and after exercise will help maintain water levels, boost antioxidants and provide the electrolyte potassium. In addition, whilst excessive sugar consumption is to be avoided,  exercised muscles will be grateful for the small amount of sugar found in a serving…

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