• How to pick the best antioxidant for your skin type

    Talk to any skincare nerd or a skincare expert, and they’ll tell you – you need antioxidants. As a group of ingredients, they are effective and have plenty of benefits for the skin. The thing is, it can get confusing when faced with a variety of choices. What are antioxidants, and how do they benefit…

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  • Vitamin C and its derivatives

    In 2020, vitamin C was one of the most googled skincare ingredients. It is easy to understand why – it is effective. L-Ascorbic acid is a well-researched ingredient with proven benefits for the skin. But what if your sensitive skin doesn’t tolerate it? What are some of the vitamin C derivatives? Which one should you…

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  • Ishtar products with vitamin C

    Vitamin C is the number one googled skincare ingredient of 2020. Its popularity is down to its effectiveness. Vitamin C is present in the dermis and epidermis. However, as we get older, vitamin C levels in the skin deplete, and topical products can help our skin feel and look better. What are the benefits of…

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