alpha hydroxy acid

  • Back to the basics – The lowdown on pores

    The size of pores is one of the most predominant concerns people have about their skin. How large they are and how they look. What are pores, and what do they do for the skin? Can they open and close? Can pores be erased? In the day and age of various filters, it is easy…

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  • 5 skincare ingredients to stimulate collagen production

    Skin aging is a complicated process. How our skin behaves as we get older is down to intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Intrinsic factors are internal and include our genetics, metabolism, and hormone processes. Extrinsic factors are external and are primarily down to our lifestyle (daily exposure to pollution, how much sun we are getting, etc.).…

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  • Buffered vs. Unbuffered Glycolic Acid

    Many people associate glycolic acid with peels, but the truth is that it is not necessary to peel to benefit from glycolic acid, or indeed any other Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Whilst buffered acid products do not have a dramatic visible peel effect, this does not mean that they are without benefit. [pullquote]Exfoliation is only one…

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