Summer Skincare Problems and How to Fix Them

Summer is here and it is time to lounge on the beach, enjoy the great outdoors or (alternatively) find the nearest place with air-conditioning. That said – no matter how you plan to spend your summer, it comes with its own set of skincare challenges. A few quick fixes will keep your skin in tip-top shape.

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen

Did we mention sunscreen? A sunscreen you’ll love and (more importantly) enjoy using is difficult to find. But you can’t be without one in the summer. If you have some sunscreen left over from the previous year, make sure to check the expiry date or better yet, throw it out and get a new one. Sunscreen deteriorates over time and it might give you a false sense of protection. Likewise, remember to re-apply sunscreen every two hours if you plan to swim, exercise or spend prolonged time outdoors.

Tweak your skincare routine

There is nothing worse than heavy, clogging creams in the summer. Just a few simple tweaks – such as switching your moisturizer, layering lighter serums, a vitamin C product – will make your routine summer appropriate. Likewise, don’t forget to do a double cleanse in the evening. Not only will you remove sunscreen, makeup, sweat and daily grime, it will also go a long way to prevent any potential break-outs.

Bug bites

Is there anything as annoying as a bug bite? The temptation to scratch that itch is great, we know. But try to resist it all the same. It will itch even more and take longer to heal. Use an ice pack (or some ice wrapped in a cotton cloth) to cool the area off. There are plenty of anti-itch sprays in the market, have one handy during the summer if you are sensitive to bug bites. If it looks inflamed and it doesn’t go away after a few days, go see your GP, you might need an antihistamine.

Heat rash

Heat rash is caused when sweat glands get blocked. The sweat stays under the skin and causes a bumpy rash. Once these bumps burst and sweat is released, it feels prickly on the skin.

There isn’t much you can do about a heat rash, but to stay indoors, try to keep cool and wear loose, cotton clothing. It should go away on its own.

Your face is melting off

No matter how dry your skin might be, all of us sweat our faces off in the summer. One way to get an instant relief is to use a facial mist. If you have dry/dehydrated skin, it will hydrate and cool you off. If you have oily or combination skin, it will not only hydrate the skin, it can help to control oil (and keep your make up in place). Spritz once and gently blot with some blotting paper.

Do you have any summer skincare tips? Please share them in the comments.

Roberta Striga