Skincare “Resolutions” for 2018

The title is misleading – at Ishtar HQ we are not big believers in New Year’s resolutions. If you are one of those people who can come up with 10 New Year’s resolutions and (more importantly) stick to them, fair play to you. You are a much better person than we’ll ever be.

One person might decide to train and run a marathon. Someone else might suffer from a physical ailment or depression. To get out of bed in the morning is a feat. Both accomplishments are valid and should be celebrated. It’s all about perspective. It also proves just how pointless it is to compare yourself to someone else.

That said – we can get on board with creating new habits. Preferably one at a time.

Cleanse your face

And no, wipes don’t count. In our opinion they just rearrange the dirt and grime. Not to mention most of them leave a nasty film on your face. Cleanse your face properly. Right cleanser is important and it is one step that can transform your skincare routine.

Try actives

If you are over the age of 25, you need some actives in your routine. Vitamin C to brighten and Alpha-Hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate and renew. Retinol is an excellent all-rounder that treats just about anything – from acne to sun damage – and it boosts collagen production too.

One thing to bear in mind when adding actives to your routine – start slow. It is easy to get enthusiastic, go overboard with actives and overexfoliate the living bejesus out of your face. Been there, done that (a few times as a matter of fact). Which leads us to…

Monitor your skin

Just because a blogger/youtuber/journalist uses exfoliating acids twice a day doesn’t mean your skin will tolerate it. Same applies to all the other skincare products. By all means – seek out reviews and recommendations. But look for reviews and recommendations based on your skin type and keep an eye out on your skin once you introduce a new product. Yes, that blogger might have tons of followers and uses effective products for her skin type. But how useful is her review to you if she’s oily and blemish prone, while you are dry and dehydrated?

Take control of your stash

It is nice to have a few cleansers to choose from. Same goes for serums. It only makes sense to change your products depending on how your skin is acting on any particular day.

That said – as much as we love our cleansers and serums, there is no need for a stash that will see you through the zombie apocalypse. Give the product some time to work. Plus skincare products do have expiry dates. Declutter your stash and give away the products that don’t work for you. And for the love of everything that is holy – bin the expired stuff.

And there you have it – some simple New Year’s skincare habits that should keep your skin in tip-top shape. Do you plan to introduce some new skincare habits in 2018?

Roberta Striga