How to Prep Your Skin for Travel

Who doesn’t like a nice holiday? To relax at the beach, explore the sights on a city break or lounge by the pool in a fancy hotel. But regardless how you get to your holiday destination, travel can take a toll on the skin (long haul travel especially). You emerge at your destination sweaty, dishevelled and looking like a dried up prune. While you might not roll like Victoria Beckham and fly private, you can do something about dehydrated skin.


Prep the skin before travel


Your skincare routine might need a tweak or two before you travel. Do a double cleanse and use the acids of your choice. Follow that up with a nice hydrating mask. It can be a regular wash-off mask that you leave on a bit longer or you can invest in a sheet mask. A little tip to make your skin look extra plump – if you want to boost the effects of the mask, apply a hyaluronic acid serum before you apply your mask. Finish off your routine with a couple of drops of facial oil or an oil based serum to seal in the moisture.

Our EFA Intense Night Repair serum is a blend of nourishing oils (Rosehip, Tomato, Marula and Argan) with teprenone and a vitamin C ester. It will hydrate, refine the skin’s texture and leave you looking plump and dewy.

On the day of your trip cleanse your skin, use your favourite serum and moisturizer and try to use minimal make-up.


On board


You don’t need to do much if your flight is only a couple of hours. A well cleansed face, a hydrating moisturizer and a few spritzes of facial mist should suffice.

A long haul flight on the other hand is an opportunity to go all out. Cleanse your face (if you can’t navigate the plane’s bathroom, this is the only situation when facial wipes are acceptable). If you don’t mind strange looks from your fellow passengers, slap on a sheet mask. If you would like to be a bit more inconspicuous, a wash-off mask is a good alternative. Use a facial mist and reapply often. You can go for a fancy facial mist with botanical extracts or a nice thermal water if you are on a budget. Both should do the trick.

Once your mask has soaked in, depending on your skin type, you can follow it up with a hydrating moisturizer or a serum and a couple of drops of facial oil.

Our Hydraplus Cream is a light and soothing repair formula that contains 5% Oat Beta Glucan and 5% Vitamin C. It boosts natural hyaluronic acid levels and improves skin’s natural repair functions. Calendula and Chamomile are added to soothe the skin, while Cocoa Butter, Tamanu and Jojoba oils will nourish the skin.


When you arrive


Do a double cleanse to get all the dirt and grime off. If your skin is dry, you can opt for our Unmask Cleansing Oil. The formula contains Organic Soya Oil, Rice Bran and Jojoba oils for a deep cleanse that will leave your skin feeling soft and clean. Massage into the skin and remove with a wet wash cloth for a non-greasy finish.

If your skin needs a bit more oomph after all the travel try our Nourishing Cleanse and Polish Cream. It combines Organic Aloe Vera with Evening Primrose oil, Italian and Japanese honeysuckle extracts. Cranberry seed micro-beads have been added for a gentle exfoliation.

After the cleanse, and if you want to wake up and hydrate tired skin, try our Glytone Hydrating Glycolic Ginger Toner. It uses 5% Glycolic acid. When used in this concentration Glycolic acid has hydrating properties. The formula also contains Ginger, Witch Hazel and vitamin B5. It will leave your skin feeling hydrated, smoother and brighter.

Follow up these steps with your regular moisturizer. If your skin is still feeling a bit dehydrated a couple of drops of our EFA Intense Night Repair will seal in the moisture.


Do you have any tips and tricks on how to prepare your skin for travel? Is there any product you simply cannot travel without?


Roberta Striga