New Glytone Formula to Tone and Energise

Glytone, our popular glycolic acid toner, has been given an added Zing! factor for the new year. With added ginger extract and a new botanical profile, Glytone 2015 will give an extra boost to micro-circulation and aid purification.

Ishtar Glytone Infographic


Toners are an important part of daily skin maintenance, removing the last traces of cleanser, purifying pores and prepping and priming skin for  treatment serums or moisturisers. They are also great for a quick post work-out freshen up to tighten pores after showering.

Glytone is especially indispensable if you suffer from any post-cleansing tightness or flakiness. It removes any residue including the irritating deposits found in hard water and restores moisture balance.


Here is a quick lowdown on the main active ingredients:

Ginger Oil – Energizes and uplifts

Boosts micro-circulation, which aids purification

5% Glycolic Acid- Refines and exfoliates

Attracts and holds water molecules in the skin.

Panthenol (Vitamin B5) Hydrates and protects.

Penetrates top layers of skin. Soothes, softens and promote new skin cells to consistently regenerate

Witch Hazel Purifies and tightens pores

A natural astringent, witch hazel is instantly cooling and toning. It reduces inflammation and heals blemishes.