Jaw Dropping Halloween Makeup – With Tutorials

Here are some jaw dropping Halloween make-up ideas to prove that there can be more to Halloween make-up than simply channelling your inner Goth/Vamp !

If you are joining in the festivities this year, then after you’ve done creating your Halloween masterpiece please share them with us @IshtarUK  These looks require some pretty hardcore making-up, so if you want to avoid a make-up hangover after the event then follow these tips for healthy post-Halloween skin:

Before: Cleanse your face before you start to create your look, and then apply a pre-make-up treatment to prep and prime your skin. I recommend our Clarity-C Lotion, or Clarity-C Serum is you want something oil free. Both products will help smooth and hydrate the skin which will allow make-up to apply more easily and stay on better. In addition, a well hydrated skin is less likely to absorb unwanted ingredients from your make-up. Finally, the vitamin C will provide anti-oxidant protection and help discourage breakouts.

After: Cleanse, cleanse and then cleanse again! Theatrical  make-up is generally heavy and greasy, meaning that it can easily clog pores and cause breakouts if it stays in contact with the skin too long. First, stock up on some gentle baby-wipes to rid yourself  excess skin paints. Second, massage skin with an oil based cleanser such as Unmask Rinse Off Cleansing Oil in order to dissolve the oil based components of the make-up. Finally, use a foaming face wash such as Clarity-C face wash or Ultralase Cleanse – preferably with an electronic sonic cleansing brush – to thoroughly remove any last traces. Finish with your preferred treatment serum or moisturiser as usual.

First up is Zombie Girl – by blogger Lady Art Looks, who has created a collection stunning make-up transformations on her blog, complete with Youtube tutorials.

Zombie Girl Makeup Tutorial

This look employs a similar effect in reverse, in order to conjure up a gruesome doll. Blogger La Cindina provides an in-depth tutorial on how to recreate this look.

Halloween Doll Makeup Tutorial

Here is La Cindina again – this one is so scary it should probably come with a warning!

La Cindina

If you don’t want to try something quite that complicated then you may like this simple but effective design by Finnish make-up artist Jangsara, who has created a strangely alluring Marilyn Monroe – Marilyn Manson hybrid.

Halloween makeup Pink Tears

Jangsara’s blog is full of some amazing designs – including this transformation of her husband into the Marvel character Hank “Beast” McCoy:

Hank The Beast Halloween Makeup

There are no tutorials for this, but Irish theatrical make-up artist Kirsty Macdonald has produced such a stunningly colourful design I couldn’t resist adding it to the list!

Colourful halloween Makeup

For something a bit less spooky but no less dramatic, you could try this pop art girl tutorial from Ivy Boyd

Crazy Pop Art makeup