How to Treat Your Eyes and Lips

Often our eyes and lips are the first to show the signs of aging. The same rule applies to both – prevention is better than the cure. With a few simple tweaks, learn how to treat both your eyes and your lips.

How to treat your eyes

Do you use a dedicated eye cream? Or do you simply apply your serums and/or moisturisers to the under eye area? No matter which camp you belong to, the fact of the matter is the skin under our eyes is thin and it gets even thinner as we age. The eyes reflect whatever might be going on in our lives. Not getting enough sleep, dehydration, medical issues, it all shows in our eye area.

We can all agree that certain ingredients work. Retinol, AHAs, BHA, Vitamin C, Niacinamide. By all means – you absolutely don’t need an eye cream. Regardless of what brands might like us to believe, there is no cream that will make us look 20 again. If you have a no fuss, no muss approach to skincare, take your serum to the eye. That should be enough. But sometimes we all require a bit of help to resemble a normal human being in the mornings.

First – learn to differentiate whether you have a problem with under eye bags or dark circles. The two are not the same.

Under eye bags

eye cream

Under eye bags can be down to any number of causes. It could be a build up of fat deposits or because you sleep on the same side every night. Allergies are another common cause. Salty food can also make the under eye area puffy.

If you suffer from allergies, consult your doctor and try anti-histamine. Try sleeping in an elevated position to avoid fluid build-up. Cold spoons, compresses or even cucumber slices are all good in a pinch, as they can reduce the puffiness.

Dark circles

Because the skin underneath our eyes is thin, the blood vessels are more visible. That is what gives us those delightful blueish/purplish circles. Dark circles can get even more prominent as we age and in some cases, you can be more genetically predisposed to them. Likewise, they can be a result of certain medical conditions. Make sure to consult with your GP in case you are worried they might be a symptom of something else. In people with darker skin tones, dark circles can sometimes be a result of excess melatonin production.

Concealer is the only quick fix available. If the skin underneath your eyes is super thin, incorporate a retinol product in your routine, as retinol encourages collagen production. It should make your skin thicker and firmer. Consider a vitamin C serum if your dark circles are a result of an increased pigment.

Our Vitamin K Dark Circle Repair Eye Cream is another good option. It contains 5% microencapsulated vitamin K that helps repair the fragile capillaries that contribute to dark circles. The formula also combines an award-winning peptide Haloxyl that improves microcirculation and eliminates the dark pigment that gathers around fragile capillaries. A blend of vitamins (C, E, CoQ10) and naturally derived humectants and oils round up the formula.

How to treat your lips

One area we do tend to neglect is our lips. Genetics and lifestyle play a big part in how our lips age. Fine lines and wrinkles might appear sooner if you smoke, or purse your lips when you talk. Likewise, people who have pale, thinner skin or spend a lot of time in the sun are more prone to signs of aging in the lip area. And let’s not forget, as we age, the levels of collagen and Hyaluronic acid deplete. A dedicated lip serum to nourish, hydrate and treat the lip area is a good option.

Our Lip Plenish Line Renewal Serum is a formula that combines a number of star ingredients to treat the delicate lip area.

Hexapeptide 11 is derived from yeast and upregulates collagen, Hyaluronic acid, and lipids. Tripeptide 29 increases fibroblast activity for Collagen 1 synthesis and increases the lips’ fullness. Microencapsulated Hyaluronic acid is delivered into the topmost layers of the lips. Here it is gradually released. In turn, it hydrates and plumps up the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

A blend of micronutrient-rich oils softens the skin and locks in the plumping hydration of Hyaluronic acid. A blend of vitamins (A, C, and E) protects the lips against the daily pollution and environmental stress.

Roberta Striga