How to switch your skincare routine for spring

Spring has sprung after a long (LONG) winter. Even in the “before-times” (or pre-pandemic), it was nice to see the daffodils and enjoy the longer days. These days (or as we call it – “the darkest timeline”), the smell of spring flowers and clear skies are all that much sweeter.

The end of lockdown is insight. That said, we are still living in the pandemic and can’t predict how long any of this will last. We’ll have to wear masks for some time. We might be socially awkward for a bit longer (because again – the pandemic).

One thing we can control? Our skincare routines. And you know it is time to switch it up once the seasons change. How should you switch your skincare routine in spring?


During the colder months, our skin is exposed to all sorts (cold and harsh wind, dry and hot indoors). Even if your skin isn’t sensitive, it can take a bit of a beating. In some cases, we might abandon all actives until our skin is back to normal. Now is the time to treat. Skin looking a bit dull or having some congestion? Exfoliate (but not too much). Your moisture barrier is impaired? Restore it back to normal with skin-repairing ingredients. Fallen off the retinol wagon due to dryness? Introduce it back into your routine. And don’t forget your antioxidants to protect the skin against environmental pollution and free radicals.

As always, when introducing actives into your routine, start slow. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and your skin will still reap the benefits. A couple of times per week is enough to start with.
And let’s not forget – if you plan to use actives regularly, always (ALWAYS) use sunscreen.

Protect with sunscreen

We all know we should use sunscreen every day. But what with being predominantly indoors and not going anywhere, most of us skipped a day or two. It is time to go back to diligently applying sunscreen. It is sunnier, the days are longer, and chances are you’ll be nipping outside at some point. No excuses.

Switch to a lighter cleanser

If your skin is dry, you might want to stick to your existing cleansing routine. If it ain’t broke… However, if your skin is oily or combination, your skin might enjoy lighter gel or foamy cleansers. No matter the consistency of your cleanser, stick with the low pH ones to keep your moisture barrier protected and not stripped of its natural oils.

Switch your moisturiser

Dry-skinned folk like myself might want to make a switch from rich nourishing creams to lighter ones. People with oily and combination skin might go back to gel moisturisers. In some cases, if you have found your holy grail sunscreen your routine might include a cleanser, treatment serum, and sunscreen (if it is moisturising enough). The temperature and weather can be extreme in the spring, so it’s best to monitor your skin daily. Adjust your routine as needed.

Do some spring cleaning

Don’t know about you, but when the days get longer and the sun starts shining, we always get the urge to do a deep clean. Do the same to your skincare stash. Throw out expired products and Marie Kondo the rest. As a finishing touch, wipe down everything.

How do you change your skincare routine for spring?

Roberta Striga