How to Sanitise Your Skincare Routine

How many times per day do you wash your hands? We lost count. It took ages to refrain from touching our faces when out. We barely just got used to wearing a mask, and Zoflora and disinfectant are our daily companions. The “new normal” sucks, but it is what it is. Let’s take a look at how we can sanitise our skincare routines because these are the products we use daily. It’s not rocket science. But, because it is the time of a pandemic, it pays to be extra diligent. Better safe than sorry is our motto.

Sort out your skincare stash

Take the time to sort out your skincare stash. Check the expiry dates on the products and throw away stuff that expired. If a product doesn’t work for your skin, set it aside to give away to a family member or a friend who might have a use for it.


Wash your hands at the start of your routine and in between steps


Just a reminder in case you have forgotten. Then again, we should wash our hands before we start our routines regardless of the pandemic. That means use soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. Don’t forget between your fingers and the tops of your hands.

Wipe down the surfaces you use regularly

NHS recommends disinfecting the most commonly used surfaces daily. The same applies to your skincare sitch, be it in your bathroom or your bedroom. Wipe down the surfaces and follow up with a disinfectant.

Wipe down the products you use regularly

Disinfectants should have a minimum of 70% alcohol. If you are using sprays, hold at a distance, and spray liberally the exterior of the products. Leave to air dry. If you are using disinfecting wipes, wipe down and let dry.

Avoid dipping your fingers in products

While we do prefer products that come in air-tight containers with a pump (our range is packaged that way for a reason), many products come in jars. Use a spatula to scoop out the product.

Toss the face cloths in the laundry

Many retailers sell packs of face cloths at affordable prices. Clean your face with a face cloth, let it dry, and then toss in the laundry. Damp face cloths are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Wash your beauty and makeup tools

All makeup tools need to be cleaned regularly. What use is a good skincare routine, if you are rubbing dirt all over your face with a dirty makeup brush? Dilute some soap (or an old cleanser that doesn’t work for your skin) in some hot water and use it to wash all of your brushes, sponges, and any other beauty tools you use. Leave them to dry. While you are at it, check your makeup bag to see if it needs a wash, too. You can wipe it down with a disinfectant (inside and out). In the case of textile bags, wash in hot, soapy water and leave to dry. You can also wash them with your regular load of laundry.

Roberta Striga