How to Care for Teenage Skin

Ah, the teenage years! That time when you don’t need to worry about fine lines and wrinkles, depleted collagen, sun damage, cell turnover, and hyperpigmentation. But teenage skin has its own sets of challenges. Genetics does play a part. But hormonal changes, sebum overproduction, clogged pores, and spots are ordinarily problems that plague the teenage skin. What can you do about it? The main aim is to keep the skin healthy and balanced.

What happens to teenage skin?

Regardless of gender, teenagers’ adrenals produce vast quantities of hormones androgens. This, in turn, can lead to breakouts, excessive oiliness, clogged pores, and acne.

Cleanse your face

Here at Ishtar HQ, we believe a good cleansing routine is the first step on the road to great skin. That means cleansing your face twice a day (and wipes don’t count). For the love of everything – always remove your makeup in the evenings! That is applicable at any age, but it is especially significant for teenage skin as it can lead to break-outs, clogged pores and all sorts of nastiness (dermatitis anyone?).

A gentle pH friendly cleanser will remove any excess sebum, dead skin cells and prevent the growth of bacteria. Many cleansers aimed for teenage skin tend to be harsh with a high pH that can disrupt your moisture barrier. A harsh cleanser will strip your skin of fatty acids and make it a breeding ground for bacteria. Your skin might get even oilier and breakout prone in the process.

Hydrate your skin

Your skin might be oily, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t require moisture. Most of us are dehydrated and being a teenager doesn’t make you immune. In fact, if your skin is dehydrated, or your moisture barrier is disrupted, oil production will increase. Look for a moisturiser with Hyaluronic acid that will hydrate and plump up the skin.

Protect your skin

Sunscreen is a must regardless of your age. Please trust us on this. If you are diligent about sunscreen from a young age, you can spare yourself so much trouble (not to mention the money you would spend on skincare and treatments) as you get older.


When we say exfoliate, we don’t mean scrubs. Please step away from the scrubs, these will just aggravate your skin further, cause inflammation and can make your spots worse. Opt for a gentle chemical exfoliation with either an AHA or a BHA. No need to go crazy, a couple of times per week is enough. Furthermore, if you are a teenager and have sensitive skin try an enzyme powder or a treatment serum. These will gently exfoliate, clarify pores, prevent breakouts and ease inflammation.

Do not pick at your skin

Easier said than done, right? Sometimes the urge to pop that spot can be overwhelming. But it can lead to inflammation and scars. Do your routine and try leaving it be. If you simply must pop that spot, wash your hands before and use a tissue.

Check your hair and your phone

Your hair styling products might be breaking you out if spots appear along your hairline or on your forehead (in case you have bangs). Furthermore, most of us are glued to our phones, and those can be a Petri dish of bacteria. You either press it to your face when you talk or hold it in your hands constantly. Which means that all the bacteria gets transferred to your face. Clean your phone on a regular basis. Same applies to your pillowcases.

See a specialist

If you have acne and breakouts are a common thing, consider visiting a dermatologist or a facialist that specialises in teenage skin. It can make a world of difference. In some cases, a prescription strength product or medication might be needed to treat your skin problems.

Suggested routine for teenage skin

Clay to Milk Cleansing Powder

Designed for sensitive and blemish prone skin, our Cleansing Clay uses low foaming cleansing agents together with kaolin, coconut, and honey for gentle purification. Pineapple enzymes gently exfoliate and brighten the skin. Marshmallow and White Willow Bark extract soften, clarify and soothe the skin.

Trizyme Pore Refining Treatment

A triple enzyme formula (Pumpkin, Pomegranate, and Papaya) gently exfoliates without sensitising or irritating the skin. It scavenges dead skin cells and improves the skin texture. The formula also includes Aspen Bark extract (that contains natural BHA) to clarify the pores and soothe the skin.

Brighten Up Fluid

We recommend using Brighten Up fluid if you have sensitive blemish prone skin. The formula contains Chromabright, a patented active that has been shown to treat hyperpigmentation without sensitising the skin. 4% Niacinamide (a form of vitamin B3) regulates oil production and helps prevent breakouts. Bisabolol has anti-inflammatory benefits, while Beta-Glucan hydrates, calms and soothes the skin.

Multi-Ceramide Concentrate

Our Multi-Ceramide Concentrate is ideal if your skin is sensitive. It is a light fluid that contains phytosterol complex to moisturise and soothe irritated skin. The formula also includes a complex of plant-derived ceramides that help protect the skin. Glycosphingolipids help to soften, sooth and moisturise the skin.

Roberta Striga