How To Get Perfect Skin – Ageing Acne Prone Skin Type

This is a quick and simple night-time routine to target the problems faced by ageing acne prone skin.

Often it can be hard to achieve the balance between treatments that target the visible signs of ageing and treatments that clear up blemishes. This routine solves that problem in only 3 simple steps, and is guaranteed to deliver smoother, clearer skin. With regular use these three easy steps will promote firmer skin, a more even skin tone, a smoother skin texture and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Who will benefit from this routine:-

If you are beginning to notice fine lines and wrinkles, but still suffer from regular breakouts this routine is for you.

  • Targeted Age: 30+
  • Targeted Skin Type: Oily/Combination
  • Targeted Skin Issues: Issues facing ageing acne prone skin
  1. Blackheads, whiteheads and congestion
  2. Fine lines
  3. Lack of firmness
  4. Red/Brown marks left over from previous breakouts.

Products Used:

How to Treat Ageing Acne Prone Skin


Step 1 : Cleanse and Exfoliate

Pump a generous amount of Ultralase Cleanse into the palm of your hand and massage into damp skin. Using a circular motion, remove thoroughly with a warm, damp face cloth paying special attention forehead, nose and chin.

What this does:

Ultralase cleanse contain a high percentage of alpha hydroxy acids, which help to dissolve the bonds that hold dead skin cells to the surface of the skin.The face wash also contains gentle plant based cleansing agents to dissolve grease and grime from deep within the pores. This combination of ingredients ensures effective, deep cleansing without the unwanted tightness or dryness often associated with cleansing gels, making it the perfect choice for ageing acne prone skin.


Extra Info

  1. This step can be carried out twice daily, morning and night.
  2. To boost the exfoliating action this product can be used with a sonic face brush such as the one pictured. Sonic brushes also have the benefit of improving the absorption of treatments applied afterwards.


Step 2) Renew and Refine

Squeeze half a pump of Ultralase 5 mandelic moisturiser and half a pump of Ultralase 10 mandelic treatment into the palm of your hand. Mix these two products together. Using your fingertips gently smooth the cream-gel over the entire face. Once applied, allow the product to sink into the skin for a few minutes before continuing to step 3. The time it takes to clean your teeth is all it needs. At this point your skin should be feeling gently invigorated, toned and firm.

What this does:

Mandelic acid refines skin texture. With regular use it also increase the thickness of deeper layers of skin, promoting firmness and youthfulness. Additionally, because mandelic acid has a unique antibacterial activity it helps treat and prevent breakouts.
Combining the Ultralase 5 lotion and Ultralase 10 gel creates a product that is potent but gently moisturising. This combined product can be applied over the entire face, including the eye area, which can then benefit from the antiageing and anti-hyperpigmentation action of mandelic acid.

Extra Info:

If you are not used to using Alpha Hydroxy Acid based skin care product it will be necessary to introduce them to your routine gradually. In this case, start by applying step 2 only to the T-Zone area (forehead, nose and chin), every three days. After two weeks increase usage to every day. It is not unusual to experience mild tingling on application, however is prolonged redness or signs of visible peeling occur then reduce usage.

Step 3) Repair and Nourish

Squirt one pump of EFA Intense into the palm of your hand. Place a generous dab of oil onto the centre of both cheeks, the forehead, the chin and nose.

Using firm, sweeping motions massage the oil into your skin starting from the nose, down the contours of the cheek and along the jawline, finishing at the ear. Use a similar stroke starting from the centre of the chin, up along the jawline again finishing at the ear. Next, trace the contours of the upper cheekbone/under eye area, whilst sweeping your fingers flat across the cheeks. Finally, massage up from the bridge of the nose along each eyebrow and down across the temples. Repeat this stroke across the forehead. To finish, tap with short strokes across the entire face. This massage should take about 30 seconds to complete.

What this does:

EFA contains several actives that actively repair and nourish the skin. If you have oily skin do not fear  –whilst it may seem counter-intuitive to use a skin oil,  cosmetic oils have the benefit of penetrating deeply into the skin to deliver their actives where it counts. In this case, EFA is designed to repair and nourish without causing congestion. In fact it helps balance the skin’s natural oil production. In addition, it helps fade scars and reduces fine lines. Here is a summary of the main actives:

  1. 5% Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate – This vitamin C ester stimulates collagen production as well as clarifying and brightening the skin.
  2. 1% Teprenone – This groundbreaking ingredient Teprenone can extend the youth span of your skin cells to reduce visible signs of aging. It has even been shown to reverse existing skin damage. It is a fantastic skincare ingredient, improving skin texture, pore size and minimizes redness.
  3. Rosehip Seed Oil and Rosehip Seed Extract – Known to nourish and rejuvenate the skin, with particular benefit to both againg and acne prone skin type due to its natural Vitamin A esters.
  4. Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract – this extract contains an active ingredient which has been proven to restructure, firm and smooth.

Extra Info:

EFA also contains argan oil and the essential oils of neroli, lavender, geranium and sandalwood.


These three simple steps are quick and easy, and target both acne and the signs of ageing, keeping your skin firm, youthful and blemish free.