Exercise and Your Skincare Routine – Simple Steps to Follow Before and After a Workout

We know exercise is good for us. It’s good for the body, it’s good for the brain, it’s good for our mental and emotional health. And let us not forget, it’s good for the skin too. It boosts circulation and improves the immune system, brings more oxygenated blood to the skin, reduces cortisol levels and enables us to get a good night’s rest. All of these are crucial for that healthy glow. That said, while we don’t mind looking like a sweaty mess (you should see us after our morning jog, it isn’t pretty), we’d like to keep our skin healthy, comfortable and blemish free.  With that in mind – when should we slot in our skincare routine?

If you exercise in the mornings

If you prefer to get your daily dose of exercise in the mornings, splash your face with water and apply your SPF. Make sure that it is sweat-proof. This is non-negotiable. If your skin is particularly dry and gets uncomfortable if not tended to immediately, apply some moisturizer then SPF. Once you get home or you are done at your gym/class, do your morning routine as normal.

If you exercise during the day/in the evenings

Remove your make-up. This too is non-negotiable. Just imagine all that sweat and grime mixing with make-up and what it does to your pores. Precisely, spots galore. Remove your make-up, apply your SPF if you are going to exercise outdoors. A light moisturizer will suffice if you are working out indoors and do your evening routine afterward.

Don’t forget your body

Once exercise becomes a regular part of your routine, you might notice you are more prone to breakouts on your back and chest (been there, done that). Try to shower immediately after a workout. If that is not possible, at least wipe down the areas where you sweat the most and where you are acne-prone. Get out of your sweaty workout clothes as soon as possible.

Our Ultralase 12.5% Mandelic Acid Body Gel is a concentrated treatment that should be applied to the affected areas a few times per week. It treats body acne and contains Beta-Glucan that aids skin repair. Alternatively, you can give our Ultralase Cleanse a try. It combines Mandelic and Gluconic acid to gently exfoliate, reduce breakouts and prevent congestion. Use it on the affected area only. As always, when you use AHAs, make sure to use sunscreen.

If you exercise in the gym and use various equipment wipe down the handlebars with an antibacterial wipe. Otherwise do your best to avoid touching your face and always wash your hands before and after a workout.

Don’t forget about your hair too! Put it in a ponytail or use a headband to keep it from getting into your face. If you use a lot of hair products when you sweat these can travel down the face and body and cause breakouts so try to avoid using hair products on your gym days.

How do you incorporate your exercise and skincare routines? Please feel free to share any tips and tricks that work for you.

Roberta Striga