Cleansing Oils. How to Maximise Your Skincare Routine.

Are you getting the most out of your cleansing routine? A good daily cleansing routine is the first step to clear skin, but it can also nourish and nurture. Most people know that cleansing oils are a great alternative to foaming facial washes if you have dry sensitive skin, but all skin types can benefit from keeping a good cleansing oil to hand. They can deeply cleanse pores, provide vitamins and prevent irritation.

Cleansing oils work because they use the “good oils” in your skin to remove “bad oils.” A cleansing oil can mix with your skins natural oils and dissolve oil based make-up. When massaged into the skin cleansing oils will soften sebum and bind to impurities, making them easier to remove from the pores. When the cleansing oil is rinsed off, all of these impurities are rinsed away too,  leaving your skin soft and nourished.

It can be difficult to achieve the same deep cleansing using foaming facial washes without leaving the skin tight and dry on the surface. Indeed, an overly harsh cleanser can strip the skin of so much natural oil that it prompts the skin to produce extra oil to compensate.

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A good oil based cleanser also contain oil soluble antioxidants and essential fatty acids that nourish the skin.  Different natural botanical oils have different properties, many of which can add benefit to a cleansing oil. For example, soya bean Oil is high in natural vitamin E, light in texture and non-irritating. Jojoba oil, though expensive, is a fantastic cleanser because it mimics human sebum and is therefore very good at dissolving hardened deposits. Camellia oil, meanwhile, has been valued for its anti-ageing properties, luxurious skin feel and high nutrient content. It contains vitamins A, B and E as well as phosphorus, calcium, iron, manganese and magnesium.

Essential oils can further enhance the skin toning and rejuvenating properties of a cleansing oil. In addition, good cleansing oils contain special ingredients that allow the oil to be washed away from the skin (along with the dissolved impurities). This leaves the skin soft and moisturised but not excessively oily.

Here are 3 ways to use cleansing oils…

1) Use As Your Primary Cleanser.

Dry skin types in particular will benefit from using cleansing oil as the main daily cleansing method. To get the most out of your cleansing oil spend a bit of time massaging  it into the skin. A simple massage need only take a few seconds, but can improve tissue drainage and skin tone as well as being both invigorating and relaxing. Next, take a clean facial cloth and moisten it with warm water. Thoroughly remove the cleansing oil with the cloth using small circular motions. Finally, splash your skin with cool water to remove final traces and tighten pores.

2) Use to Double Cleanse

Double cleansing benefits all skin types, no matter if your skin is oily, acne prone, dry or ageing.
Two step cleansing uses an oil based cleanser followed by a water based cleanser and is a method commonly used by beauticians to deeply cleanse.

Attempting to deeply cleanse by excessively washing the face can strip the skin and cause irritation. This problem is easily avoided by double cleansing using an oil based cleanser and then washing with a facial wash. The oil based cleanser sinks deeply into pore, dissolving impurities trapped by sebum. The water based cleanser removes remaining residue. This method is extremely beneficial for problem skin types that require regular deep cleansing but can be easily aggravated.

3) Use as a Make-Up Remover

Even if you do not use cleaning oils morning and night, it is a great idea to keep one to hand to remove make-up. Cleansing oils are much better at dissolving make-up than facial washes, and have the added advantage of being gentle and nourishing on eyelashes. It is important to remove all traces of eye make-up and mascara before sleep to avoid brittle or sticky lashes.

Finally, it is worth noting that it is best to avoid baby oil. Baby oil contains mineral oil, lanolin and fragrance whereas cleansing oils contain mostly botanical oils, extracts and vitamins. Baby oil can prevent the skin from breathing and block pores, so it dos not work well as a cleansing oil.

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If you have not yet tried a cleansing oil, then try Ishtar Skinlights Unmask Cleansing Oil. It uses natural botanical oils of soya, jojoba and camellia with added vitamins E and C. In addition, it contains pure essential oils, including the uplifting and rejuvenating oil of neroli, and is especially formulated to rinse away with water.