How to Choose the Right Moisturizer for Your Skin


Some days you have the time and the patience for a multi-step skincare routine. On other days the best you can do is to splash your face with water and slap on some moisturizer. Been there, done that. That’s okay, your face will not fall off. But on days when you don’t have the time for an elaborate routine is when you realize just how important is a good moisturizer. Beauty stores and even supermarkets offer plenty of choices. To find the right fit however can take a bit of trial and error. All skin types need hydration. But oily skin types want a moisturizer that won’t turn them into an oily mess by midday. Dry skin types want something that will not leave their skin dry as the Sahara desert by midday.

Things to look for in a moisturizer based on the skin type

Combination and/or acneic skin

If you have combination skin or you suffer from acne, it is all about the balance. Avoid harsh cleansers that will leave your skin feeling stripped (this can lead to excess sebum production). Look for moisturizers that are mild, light in texture and that will hydrate the skin.

Our Ultralase 5 Mandelic Acid Lotion contains 5% Mandelic Acid which has proven antibiotic and anti-aging properties. It can fade blemishes and refine skin texture. When compared with the more popular Glycolic Acid, Mandelic Acid is safer to use for darker skin tones as it should not cause any pigmentation issues. The formula uses organic Aloe Vera as a base, while Ocean Mineral complex, organic Yarrow and Jojoba oil have been added to hydrate and brighten.

Oily skin

Oily skin types need hydration too. But you want products with non-comedogenic ingredients that will not clog your pores. Look for lightweight textures like gels and emulsions with Hyaluronic acid that will give your skin a boost of moisture. This will also keep dehydration at bay.

The star ingredient of our Hydra Balm Emulsion is Alpine Willowherb extract that regulates the sebum production and has anti-inflammatory properties. May Cheng oil has been added for its toning properties, while Zinc Oxide will soothe the skin and ease inflammation. Hyaluronic Acid will hydrate the skin, while Passionfruit, Apple, Fig and Blackcurrant botanical extracts serve as an anti-oxidant boost.

Dull and/or aging skin

Who hasn’t had a day when their skin looked dull, drab and grey? An antioxidant in your skincare routine is always a good thing and it doesn’t get any better than vitamin C.

Our Clarity-C lotion has been formulated with 18% of vitamin C in the form of stabilised C ester Sodium Ascorbyl Phostphate. What does that mean? Unlike products that use the less stable Ascorbic Acid, Clarity-C lotion will not degrade or cause skin irritation. Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis, fades sun damage and minimises and reduces wrinkles.  The formula uses organic Aloe Vera as a base, while Jojoba oil, Shea butter and vitamin B5 will nourish the skin.

Dry and/or sensitive skin

Dry skin usually feels tight and uncomfortable, fine lines and wrinkles are more prominent and in some cases there is some flaking. If you have sensitive skin the priority is to look for soothing ingredients that will reduce inflammation and still hydrate your skin. If possible avoid fragrance in products as it can lead to irritation.

Our Hydraplus Cream is most suitable for dry and sensitive skin. It is a light cream that contains 5% Organic Beta Glucan and 5% of vitamin C. It will boost skin’s natural repair functions and natural Hyaluronic Acid levels. Cocoa Butter, Tamanu and Jojoba oils will nourish the skin and Chamomile and Calendula botanical extracts will soothe any irritations.

Roberta Striga