All you need to know: Cosmetic Ingredients

There are lots of factors that go into formulating an effective skincare product. Some ingredients are very ‘active’ but are very unstable (e.g L-ascorbic acid, the common form of Vitamin C ), others can only be added to a product in such miniscule amounts that they can never be very effective, and some potentially great sounding ingredients simply cannot be absorbed easily by the skin (e.g Ascorbyl Palmitate – another common version of Vitamin C – suffers from both of these limitations). Getting a product that feels nice and is ‘active’ is therefore a complex balancing act.
This only gets harder if you throw the requirement for ethically and/or organically sourced ingredients into the mix!

Palm oil and Palm oil derivatives – of which there are many – is a good case in point. Whilst our lab sources sustainably sourced palm oil it has been notoriously difficult in recent years to verify sources. The further removed you are from the original sources the harder it becomes. Thankfully due to campaigning this is becoming easier.

To try and demystify some of the ingredients you will see on our product labels we are compiling a list with a breakdown of individual ingredients. We will be adding ingredients to this category over the coming weeks.