7 Skin Changing Resolutions for 2015

Sometimes it is the small things that really make a difference. These seven simple resolutions will boost skin health and radiance and will bring measurable, long term results.

Healthy skin resolution 1 : Cherish your beauty sleep.

beauty sleep

One of the most important resolutions you can make costs nothing and has the potential to improve not only your skin, but also your health and mental wellbeing. Laptops, tablets and televisions all emit hormone altering blue light which has a measurable impact upon sleep quality. Resolve to avoid all LCD devices for at least an hour before going to sleep. Avoid for longer than an hour if you can, although it is best to set a realistic target that you can keep rather set one that is out of reach.

The reason to avoid lcd devices is that artificial light inhibits the body’s secretion of melantonin. Without melantonin the body’s normal sleep cycle is not triggered. This directly impairs cell repair processes and therefore has a profound effect upon the body.  It may also interrupt the release of growth hormone, the reduction of which is directly linked to visible ageing.

So resolve to wake up prettier in 2015 by turning those devices off. You may be surprised at the knock on effect on mood and energy.

Healthy skin resolution 2: Wear antioxidant creams and/or serums

Make this the year you add antioxidants to your regular skin care routine. Antioxidants increase elasticity, collagen and firm the skin. They neutralise free radicals and protect against sun and age spots. vitamins A (retinol), C and E are the mainstay of an effective skincare routine. In an antioxidant cream or serum, vitamin E is hydrating and soothing for fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C works to reduce photo damage and protect skin from UV radiation. Vitamin A repairs collagen and reduces pigmentation (keeping skin more even toned) and vitamins A and E both repair and renew damaged skin. Try Ishtar 2.5% Retinol cream at night and Ishtar vitamin C face wash, serum and lotion in the morning. All of these products also contain vitamin E.

Healthy skin resolution 3: Use eye cream morning and night

eye cream
The delicate under eye area quickly betrays any stress or lack of sleep. Spending a couple of seconds morning and nights to hydrate and protect is all it takes to make a difference. Antioxidants will protect against UV damage, vitamin K can help repair dark shadows, and caffeine can help reduce puffiness. As the decades roll by, these few seconds each day will add up to years off your visible age, making the time spent an investment worth making.

Healthy skin resolution 4: Moisturise after showering

Ishtar Hydraplenish Body Lotion
It is easy to neglect body skin, but it is not only your face that needs moisturising. Showering can leave skin dehydrated and stripped of natural oils. A quick 2 minute application of body lotion can make a visible difference, leaving skin plumper and brighter. Ishtar Hydraplenish Body Lotion with Alpha Hydroxy Acid accomplishes two tasks in one, by exfoliating and moisturising the skin. It is also fragrance free, meaning that should you choose to wear perfume there is no unwelcome clash.

Healthy skin resolution 6: Clean your make-up brushes

Make-up and skin oils build up in brushes, creating a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause irritation. Ideally, brushes should be cleaned once a week, but most of us don’t. Instead, wash your tools monthly with a liquid hand soap or baby shampoo and lukewarm water (hot water can cause bristles to fall out), then rinse well, squeeze out the excess water, reshape, and allow the brushes to dry thoroughly by balancing them over the sink. Weekly, spritz them isopropyl alcohol or a commercial antibacterial brush cleaner.

Healthy skin resolution 6: Exfoliate regularly

A baby’s skin renews itself completely every 14 days, but by age 30, adult skin takes a full 28 days to renew. Exfoliation helps to remove dehydrated, dead cells from the surface and jump starts the renewal process. Acne prone skin in particular needs daily exfoliation to prevent pore-clogging build up. Products containing Alpha Hydroxy Acid have the double advantage of removing dull, dead skin cells as well as encouraging plump, healthy new skin cells to form. For super smooth, bright complexion, use Ishtar Ultralase Cleansing Wash twice daily with a sonic face brush such as the Magnitone or Clarisonic.

Healthy skin resolution 7: Stick with the program

Waiting for a new skin treatment to show results can be a test of patience. A good anti-aging cream, acne or hyperpigmentation treatment can take six weeks, so don’t give up.