7 Simple Ways to Reduce Waste in the Bathroom

We haven’t been kind to Mother Earth. But being more eco-conscious doesn’t mean we need to go out and spend a ton of money. With a few simple tweaks, it is easy to considerably reduce the waste in our beauty routines and bathrooms.

Declutter your skincare stash

Do you call yourself a skincare nerd? If so, chances are you have a considerable skincare stash. No judgement here, we’ll be first to admit we are guilty of that. It’s time to declutter.

Check the expiry dates on products and toss the ones you can’t use anymore. What’s more, we all have meh products that just kinda linger in our bathrooms taking up valuable shelf space. Other products merely don’t work for our skin. Pass them on to a friend or a family member. Alternatively, look for shelters in your area; those are perpetually in need of toiletries.

On a side note – have you heard about Beauty Banks? It is a non-profit founded by Sali Hughes and Jo Jones. Their aim is to eradicate hygiene poverty and they provide people in need with basic daily hygiene essentials and personal care items.

Place the recycling bin in your bathroom

You might be diligent about recycling in your kitchen, but are you doing the same in your bathroom? Make life easier for yourself and place a recycling bin in your bathroom. That way you can be sure cleaning products, plastic bottles, and other waste will get recycled.

Make a switch to reusable cotton pads and face cloths

All of us at Ishtar HQ have our stash of face cloths. In our opinion, using a face cloth is the only way to cleanse your face properly. But sometimes nothing but a cotton pad will do. Why not give reusable cotton pads a try? Once you are done, chuck them into the washing machine together with your other laundry.

Ditch your plastic toothbrush

Did you know a significant number of toothbrushes are made from non-recycled plastic? They end up in landfills all over the country (if you are interested in how you can recycle your plastic toothbrush, check out this program). Opt for a toothbrush made out of sustainable materials like bamboo. These are completely bio-degradable and kinder to the environment.

Make a switch to a reusable razor

This is such a simple switch you can make to curb the amount of plastic waste in your bathroom. Not to mention reusable razors typically make for a more pleasant shave with far fewer nicks and cuts.

Look for multipurpose products

Think lip tint that doubles as a cheek tint, a blush that pulls a double-duty as an eye shadow, or a shower gel with a body lotion in it.

Look for brands that promote sustainable practices

Today more than ever it is easier to find brands that use sustainable practices in their production process. Many brands don’t test on animals. Others use recycled packaging for their products. Many brands support fair trade or use sustainable practices to source the ingredients for their formulas. Check the packaging or the brand’s website to learn more. It is our right as consumers to have the information we need to make an informed purchase.

It doesn’t have to be rocket science. What are some of the ways you are being eco-conscious?

Roberta Striga