7 Cardinal Sins of Skincare

Look, there is no point in beating round the bush. We can absolutely agree we were young and foolish once, right? We’ll go with being young and foolish to explain some of the cardinal skincare sins below.

No sunscreen

By now we know that sun causes skin cancer. However, if the thought of cancer is not enough to make you slap sunscreen on think of it this way. Sunscreen is one skincare product that prevents fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and premature aging. Whether it is for health or vanity, we don’t care, as long as you use sunscreen on daily basis.

Tanning beds

Studies have shown that regular use of tanning beds may increase the risk of skin cancer. It is time to embrace being pale and pasty.

Baking soda

First of all – we cannot even.

Baking soda isn’t an acne removal treatment. It should not be used to remove blackheads. It is unsuitable as a cleanser (no matter what you mix it with). And for the love of everything do not (we repeat DO NOT) put it on your under eye bags! Lest this sounds like we are prejudiced against baking soda, we are not. It is a fantastic household staple. To bake with. Or clean the bathroom with.

Lemon juice

Vitamin C serum should be a staple in any skincare routine. Lemon juice should not. Lemon juice is acidic and has a pH of 2. The pH of the skin is between 5 and 6.5. When you apply lemon juice to skin directly, you disturb the natural pH balance and disrupt the moisture barrier. It also makes skin sensitive to photodamage.

Harsh scrubs

The scrub that shall not be named was a rite of passage during adolescence. What is the problem? One of the primary ingredients is Walnut shell powder which is excessively harsh on the skin. It can create microscopic tears in the skin making it a breeding ground for bacteria. Consider a chemical exfoliant or an enzyme product that will gently exfoliate the skin.

No cleansing

It happens to us all. It’s late, we are tired, inebriated, or some combination thereof. It’s just too much of a hassle to wash our face. If it happens once in a while, no harm done, your face won’t fall off. Just don’t make a habit out of it. Cleansing is an essential step to healthy skin. So don’t be lazy and wash your face.


Because wipes make us shudder.

What are some of the skincare sins you have committed? Please share, this is a safe space and we don’t judge.

Roberta Striga