5 Most Common Causes Of Breakouts and How to Treat Them

Breakouts happen to all of us. Well… the majority of us. Our adolescent years might remain a hazy memory, but that doesn’t mean our skin got the message. The absolute joy of treating breakouts, trying to tackle fine lines and hyperpigmentation at the same time is enough to cause a headache. Where do you start? What do you treat first? That said – it is a reality many of us face.

Hormones and stress

Our hormones might be in a flux for any number of reasons. Our period is due, being perimenopausal or menopausal, any number of gynaecological issues. Most often this will result in deep, red cysts along the jaw and chin. If in doubt, get thee to your gynaecologist or a GP. Also, for the love of everything, do not try to pop those on your own. It will hurt something awful, and you won’t accomplish anything.

Stress remains another factor that can cause absolute havoc on the skin. Please try taking care of yourself. We know it is easier said than done, but a few minor things can make a world of difference for your stress levels.


The research on the connection between certain food groups and acne is inconclusive. Some will say we need to cut out sugar. Others will say dairy. Crisps. Spicy food. Junk food. Greasy food. We do know that sugar raises insulin levels and that in turn can lead to acne. Apart from that, not much else. The solution to this is straightforward. If you observe you break out after certain foods, stop consuming them for a few weeks to see if your skin clears up.

Daily grime and sweat

Pollution, SPF, sweat (UGH), make-up, it’s better not to think about what is on our face day in and day out. When you combine that with the scorching weather, it is no wonder our skin breaks out. A good cleanse is an essential part of any skincare routine. Absolutely no wipes, a proper cleanse.

Hair and body products

You have found skincare products that work for you. You have your routine nailed. And then… breakout. If you are breaking out down your chest and back or along your hairline, you might look into what type of hair products you are using. Hair products can be harsh on the skin or clog the pores.

Skincare routine

We have harped on (and on) how important it is to patch test and introduce one new skincare product at a time. That way you can be pinpoint the culprit behind the breakout. But if you are constantly breaking out, you might look into the products you are using on daily basis and how you use them.

Even though it says the product is suited for blemish prone skin, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is best suited for your skin. Harsh cleansers with high pH, spot treatments that dry out the skin, these are just some things to pay attention too.

Have you ever had a sudden breakout? Did you manage to pinpoint the cause? How did you treat it?

Roberta Striga