23 Signs You Might Be a Skincare Addict

Do you hoard cleansers like the zombie apocalypse is coming? Can’t imagine going outdoors without applying sunscreen first? You are on three different waitlists for a sold-out skincare product?

Hate to break it to you, but you might be a skincare addict.

Hey, no judgement here, we’d love to see your cleanser stash! And we are always down for a good sunscreen recommendation.

Signs you might have a skincare problem

  • You remove your makeup no matter how late you get in and/or how tired and/or how inebriated you are.
  • You avoid the sun like a vampire.
  • You read the ingredients list and can recognize all the plant extracts, even though they are in Latin.
  • Many things in life are hard. Right there at the top of the list? The process of finding a decent sunscreen.
  • You get preachy about the importance of (re)applying sunscreen on daily basis. Yes, even when it’s cloudy.
  • You get evangelical about the importance of a low pH cleanser.
  • You get evangelical about patch testing.
  • That said – your idea of living dangerously is to apply a new product without patch testing first.
  • You put together skincare routines and push products on unsuspecting friends and/or family members.
  • You recoil in horror when someone mentions using apricot scrub/baking soda/lemon on their face.

  • Often you’ll buy a backup product. And a backup of a backup because heaven forbids your favourite product gets discontinued.
  • You have a spreadsheet to keep track of the products you are testing.
  • Your skincare stash is a living thing that has taken over the bathroom and slowly started to migrate to the rest of your home.
  • Likewise, with your stash of face cloths.
  • You might have sucked at science in school. But you have no problem digesting various skin care studies.
  • You can name all the different forms of retinol at the top of your head.
  • You might have over-exfoliated your skin a number of times.
  • When you travel you always worry about the luggage weight limit because your suitcase is stuffed with skincare products.
  • That said – you elevated your travel skincare kit to an art form.
  • One of your favourite things in the world? Having a good snoop at other people’s products.

  • You own a sunscreen measuring spoon, pH testing strips and ever-growing pile of Muji storage containers, pots, and bottles.

How many of these apply to you? Have we forgotten anything? Do let us know in the comments 🙂

Roberta Striga